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Name: Rory Williams
Canon: Doctor Who
Scrubs Color: Navy Blue
Visible Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Physique: Lanky
Complexion: Pale, Rugged Good Looks
Hygiene: He's shaved
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Defining Marks: His nose? IDK
Accent/Speech: British
Bearing/Demeanor: Friendly, open, warm, dork
Gait: Long
Habits: Hands over his face
Skills: Nurse, Roman Centurion, General Badass, Major Dork
Actvitiy: Text

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Your Name: Erica
Contact: [AIM] BouncyErbear [Plurk] BouncyErbear | email & LJ pm also work.
LiveJournal: [livejournal.com profile] bouncy_erbear
Do you have other characters in this game?Virgil Hawkins [Static Shock]

Name: Rory Williams
Fandom: Doctor Who
Age: late 20s
Physical description: Smile for the Camera
Background: Past, Present, Future?
Point in Story: Rory will be coming from the end of "A Good Man Goes to War" meaning he's just finished saving his wife and the Doctor has left him in the care of River to go find their daughter. Also, spoilers.
Personality: First and foremost, Rory is loyal. He would never think of cheating on Amy and he was willing to wait 2000 years for her. Rory cares deeply for Amy and, by this point, the Doctor as well. This makes it hard for him when he sees Amy being friendly with the Doctor, but he could never tell Amy that. This brings up the fact that Rory can also be very insecure about himself. He KNOWS the Doctor is better than him at a lot of things and KNOWS that his free spirited nature is attractive to Amy. This results in him acting jealous of the Doctor at times and Amy has to constantly remind him what an idiot he is being. It is likely, though, that despite his insecurities deep down he knows that Amy loves him more.

Rory is not always the brightest crayon in the box but he's not stupid exactly, he just fails to see the obvious sometimes. However, he IS a nurse and well read (considering he researched time/space sciencey things in order to understand the TARDIS as proven by his initial reaction to the magic box). He is not as curious about things as Amy or the Doctor and that makes him a very down to Earth person. He is sensible and likes normal things. However, he is not opposed to a little adventure, otherwise why would he be with Amy at all? Rory is there to attempt to ground the two but it often does not work very well and he has to go chasing off after them anyways.

While he is loyal to Amy, he also puts a lot of faith in her as well. Even when Amy says otherwise, Rory will not stop doubting that Amy will be there for him no matter what and that he can save her or will try to save her no matter what the cost. It is this devotion that could lead to his downfall and while Rory is aware of this fact it does not bother him. Rory also carries with him a heavy burden. It would seem that Rory still has some memories from his time as a plastic Roman robot and, as such, has at least 2000 years of knowledge in his noggin. However, it is not all there or if it is Rory seems to be able to block it out for the most part. Only time will tell what effect this will have on Rory mentally but he does not seem to want to share this with Amy at the moment.

Despite his complaints about the adventures they have, Rory is very brave. Sure, he gets scared at times and would rather not go down into the dark hole with River, but he does it anyway because he would never back down from helping his friends and he knows what he needs to do in order to help Amy and the Doctor.

His greatest strength is also his weakness: Amy. In doing anything for her he often puts himself in danger and it can be used against him. His love for Amy can also get him hurt in terms of Amy herself as he often has doubts about how Amy could love him when she has the Doctor now. His self-confidence is low, so Amy often has to convince him otherwise. Even THEN, Rory would do anything to save her because he cares that much about her.

Powers/Abilities: Rory is mostly a regular human. As stated above he may have some memories that are 2000 years old but whether or not they are useful as far as "how to wield a sword" is hard to say. He is trained in the medical profession though which means he can patch up many injuries and has a lot of knowledge on various medical things (he knows about pregnancies, how to give CPR, and worked with Coma patients). His greatest strength, however, is probably not his medical knowledge but his heart. Rory would face down any foe or go to any length to save and protect Amy. He will stand guard over her for 2000 years and chase after monsters he can't remember in order to do this.
Items you're bringing with you: One gladius/sword, Roman armor/clothes

First Person POV (Network Post):
[There is a man on the computer who is dressed in what appears to be Roman garb. Not a toga or anything, but armor and the like. It must seem very out of place on a space ship, but he doesn't seem to notice]

Okay, so let me see if I've got this situation right. People are being brought on to this ship for who knows what purpose, waking up in pods of goo, and the ship is severely damaged. There's no sign of how we were brought aboard and no one has any memory of it?

[Pause to consider what he just says and looks at the computer skeptically]

Has anyone seen a blue box around? Maybe in the cargo hold or something? I mean, he TOLD me where he was going but I haven't seen any sign of him.

[Looks ceiling-ward, he looks severely troubled by something and he bites his lip in worry] God, I hope Amy and River are okay. We were supposed to be going home and---

[He shakes his head, it's not important. He'll find Amy AGAIN if he has to and that look of determination settles on his face]
My name is Rory Williams. And if whoever is behind this has anything to do with the disappearance of my daughter or the abduction of my wife you WILL be sorry.

[The Roman shuts the video off]
Third Person POV (Log Post): 250 word min
Rory looked into the locker and frowned. He wasn't sure what he had expected, he'd been wearing it the last he remembered before ending up on the ship. So, it made sense it was there. He was just sort of hoping his NORMAL clothes would be there. Here he stood, freshly washed from his goo pod and wearing nothing more than the hospital gown he had woken up in, and now it looked like he couldn't even get dressed in reasonable clothes.

Because sitting in the locker looking severely out of place on a space ship was the Roman centurion garb.

He stared at it for a long time. In the back of his mind he knew that he had worn it for a long time, and he had been in space with it before (thanks to the Doctor insistence that he wear it), but he had rather hoped that he wouldn't have to be stuck in it again. Being around the Doctor and Amy, Rory was used to feeling like an idiot sometimes but he didn't usually look the part as well. Still, there was something to be said about the armor and cape...something that made him feel stronger because it tapped into a life that had never really happened.

'Look,' he told himself as he started to pull out the lighter aspects of it: the tunic and cape, 'there are more pressing matters here than the clothes you'll be wearing. What's important right now is getting into something semi-decent and finding out answers so you can get back to your wife.' He had just gotten her back, had seen his baby, and now he was losing it all over again. Rory would not stand for this. He was not going to be yanked around by the powers that be in the universe JUST because he was friends with someone like the Doctor. If Rory had to take on the mantle of the centurion again then so be it. He WOULD get back to his wife and they WOULD reclaim his daughter.


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